How to manage your Sharebox account

How to set up and manage daily operations.


How you operate the Sharebox 24/7 ServiceStation

Adminweb general
  1. The lockers are named Empty or colored GREY when not in use.
  2. To start pick a locker and change the name of the locker to f.ex. "license plate number" and "mob number" to the owner / customer. Listing colored YELLOW means
    the locker are reserved.
  3. Employees goes to the Sharebox and use the app where all the lockers are listed. They find the correct locker, click open and place the key and close the door. The listing colored GREEN means locker are ready for the customer.
  4. Sharebox then sends an SMS to the owner / customer on how to open with a weblink.
  5. When the owner / customer comes to the Sharebox they click the link in the SMS which opens a web page and display a field for entering the location ID found on the cabinet.
  6. The customer enters the location code and push the button on the Sharebox and the locker opens.
  7. Afterwords the listing turns RED meaning the customer has delivered or picked up a key.

How to operate and manage Sharebox

Log in

Guesty integration listings first login web admin cut

The admin interface:

Screenshot webadminSelect the locker to use and press "add member".

Add the customers phone number + info (Car reg number etc).

Screenshot webadmin add member

Click "Show member settings" to customize time frame, openings etc.

Screenshot webadmin member settings

How to manually manage access
You can also manually remove the customer after delivery or pickup by clicking the cross next to the customer's reservation. This means that customers cannot use the same link later. This can, for example, be done as a regular routine every morning.

Gromstad fjerne kunde

It is also possible to limit the period or number of times a customer should be able to open the hatch. If you want this option, press the edit button.

Gromstad begrense periode

Customers who have used up the number of openings or no longer have access are moved to "inactive members". Customers who have not yet entered a valid period will have a red clock instead of a green one√.

Gromstad inactive

How your customers use their mobile phone to deliver/pick up keys.
Customer deliver or picvk up key

  1. Customers receive a SMS text message explaining everything.
  2. Customers click on the web-link when they are in front of the Sharebox. 
  3. In the weblink minipage, customers tap in the Location ID, a number on a sticker on the cabinet. This ID number is exclusive for each Sharebox and confirm that the customer are at the correct Sharebox.
  4. After pushing the Open Sharebox button on the weblink on their mobile phone, the button on the cabinet changes to green flashing light and signals that open request is accepted.
  5. Customers then PRESS the green flashing button to confirm physical presens in front of the cabinet.
  6. The button on the cabinet changes to green steady light and the Sharebox machine open the booked locker and the front door opens.
  7. Customer insert or pick up their key in the open locker inside and push the green button on the cabinet to close the front door. The cabinet button-light changes to red-flashing when the front door closes and cabinet goes into stand-by modus.

If needed, we offer employee training by video conference.