How to operate Newbook integration

Integration with Newbook makes it a lot easier to manage your Shareboxes.

You will use Sharebox Web Admin to book and manage your Shareboxes, and integration with Newbook makes this easier.

Newbook Sharebox integration

The work process for you will be as follows:

• Guest booking via booking channel, marking for "late arrival", and new booking will be added to NewBook

• On arrival day: Your staff handles bookings with "late arrival" manually

• In NewBook: Make sure the guest phone number is correct and contains country code with eg +47 or 0047

• In Sharebox web admin: Search for booking on the "External Bookings" screen

• Click on the menu icon on the booking and select "Add to existing Sharebox"

• Select "Use Sharebox for pick-up only", select the desired locker/bin from the calendar or list, and click "Save"

• Place the physical key associated with the locker/bin in the Sharebox