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How customers do check in and checkout?

How customers deliver or pick-up a key after receiving a SMS text message with a weblink.


In this section we explain how to operate the service on a daily and regular basis. 

When cabinet is in stand by mode and closed, the button has a steady red light. The display screen will show information on the steps of action for the customer.

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How to deliver/pick up a key

  1. Customers receive a SMS text message explaining everything.
  2. Customers click on the web-link when they are in front of the Sharebox. 
  3. In the weblink minipage, customers tap in the Location ID, a number on a sticker on the cabinet. This ID number is exclusive for each Sharebox and confirm that the customer are at the correct Sharebox.
  4. After pushing the Open Sharebox button on the weblink on their mobile phone, the button on the cabinet changes to green flashing light and signals that open request is accepted.
  5. Customers then PRESS the green flashing button to confirm physical presens in front of the cabinet.
  6. The button on the cabinet changes to green steady light and the Sharebox machine open the booked locker and the front door opens.
  7. Customer insert or pick up their key in the open locker inside and push the green button on the cabinet to close the front door. The cabinet button-light changes to red-flashing when the front door closes and cabinet goes into stand-by modus.

If, for some reason, an operation is not successful, the button will be flashing red. It will display an error-message and send information to Sharebox system of its status based on the sensor-feedback.

Sharebox 24/7 Emergency Support: +47 40 43 44 44