Adminweb Release Note Nov 2020

Includes changes to color-coding, new “Out+In” exchange method and the “Open Locker” dialog box.

Changes to color-coding

The color-coding flows have been reviewed and the meaning of the colors has been formalized to mean one of two things:

  • Red: Next action is by an employee
  • Green: Next action is by the receiver

This coding is intended to help user users quickly determine which lockers require an action:


New feature: Clicking the color code box opens the “Open Locker” dialog box where the user can open the locker and see a flow diagram with the current and next steps highlighted. See screenshot below.

New “Out+In” exchange method for rental vehicles

This flow is intended to support scenarios where keys for a rental vehicle are provided or returned, in addition to handling the customer vehicle keys. This introduces a new color-coding flow with the following steps:

  • Green: employee puts keys into the cabinet (like the “Out”-flow)
  • Red: the receiver picks up and drops off the new keys
  • Green: employee retrieves the keys from the cabinet (like the “In”-flow)

The new flow can be selected in the “Add member” dialog box:


Changes to the “Open Locker” dialog box

When opening a locker, users are given options how the opening affects the color-coding flow, if at all.

This feature is also available to API users through a new “open_mode” flag. The dialog features a new flow diagram highlighting the current and next steps:


Release date: 05112020